We are a leading German expert office in the field of information technology with a team of experts with different specializations. The focus of our activity is set on the intersection between law, technology and economy.

Our activities are based on the Expert Rules (SVO) of the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Our services are characterized by:

  • Specialized knowledge in almost any field of information technology
  • Complete independence of other companies, in particular hardware and software suppliers
  • Aim to comprehensibly present complex technical facts
  • Capacity reserves for the fast handling of extensive projects
  • Fulfillment of the personal and professional appointment prerequisites of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Precise knowledge of the technical enforceability of claims thanks to extensive experiences in court
  • Efficient infrastructure
  • Quality assurance system for safeguarding a high performance level

The cooperation with specialists from the individual fields of information processing associated with the experience from many hundred cases of private and public customers produces practice-oriented solutions. A regular exchange of experiences and the further education of our team ensure that we can keep up with the rapid further developments in the field of information technology. We comply with our quality standards through:

  • Professional sound and secured statements
  • Comprehensible presentation of technical contexts
  • Efficient handling of orders at short notice

Our lectures and publications:

We publish in selected and well-recognized trade journals and through specialized publishers. Please click here to find a survey of our publications.
We deliver lectures at special events on a regular basis. Please click here to find a survey of our lectures and presentations.