Our services help our customers reduce their project risk and boost project success. We choose different approaches for the different project phases. In doing so, we take a neutral position and present technical interrelations to the management. Thus, we provide a comprehensible basis for the client’s decisions and safeguard the decision-making process as an independent third party. Our comprehensive view of the project, which also includes the business department, the IT department, the legal department, and the investors, is key in this regard.

We identify risks, point out weaknesses and check if service specifications are complete. Special consideration must be given to the question whether the principal’s collaboration duties (provision of objects and goods required) can be fulfilled and to ensure investment protection. We develop recommendations for solutions and action, thereby avoiding further escalations. Our independent external view often prompts the project partners to take a goal-oriented rather than a conflict-oriented approach.

If further escalations arise, we usually suggest verifying whether an out-of-court solution by mediation or arbitration might be an option. We are regularly involved in conciliation proceedings of DGRI (German Association for Law and Information Technology) and of DIS (German Arbitration Institute). This approach offers a comparatively quick and inexpensive compromise solution behind closed doors.

If litigation is no longer avoidable, we increase the chances of success by clearly presenting the matter in dispute and focusing on provable issues that can be subjected to a court decision. This includes weighing the litigation risks from a technical point of view to avoid fruitless litigation. It also includes documenting facts to ensure that claims can be enforced.