As regards industrial property protection, we can rely on an extensive know-how in clarifying claims from a technical point of view; our services are focused on presenting the facts in a comprehensible way which can be used by lawyers as the basis of their further work.

We analyze software developments and identify the exploitation of copyright-protected services. We compare source codes and use efficient processes to detect violations. What is more, we accompany you through the preparation and execution of searches.

Our Services

  • Composition and qualification of evidence
  • Consulting services concerning the course of action from a technical point of view in the event of ascertained infringements (such as program and data transfers)
  • Cooperation with lawyers
  • Elaboration of comparative expert reports
  • Technical support in applications for injunctions

Your Benefits

  • Creation of factual prerequisites for the lawyers' activities
  • Safeguarding of the econonic interests of customers, increased prospects of success

Our Qualification

  • Long-standing experience as experts concerning the protection of industrial property
  • Support in numerous survey applications under §809 of the German Civil Code (BGB)
  • Extensive technical know-how available for obtaining evidence
  • Special expertise proven by public appointment and swearing-in