On this page we are addressing you, the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) directly and introduce you to our service portfolio which has been developed and optimized for your specific needs. Since 1986, we have been gaining experience in working with our clients in the following sectors:

Commercial and manufacturing enterprises, physicians, business start-ups, craft businesses, notaries, law firms, tax advisers, management consultants, advertising agencies

Here are some example of our services to help you evaluate what we can do for you:

  • Planning advice on new acquisitions: notebooks, PDA, PC and other hardware
  • Organizational advice (data protection, data security, anti-virus and anti-spam solutions, email use)
  • Selection of activity- and application-specific software (trade-specific software)
  • Network planning, selection of server systems, site networking
  • Extension and renewal of existing IT infrastructures

Our services for you

We will be happy to support you with our advice and offer you individual service packages in budgetable sizes that suit your needs. We have made up seven different packagesthat are described below. The individual packages are mostly independent from each other and can be utilized separately or one after the other.

Introductory package

In order to identify the initial IT situation, we recommend the introductory package. We will analyze the existing situation of your company (actual state analysis) and show you potential weaknesses. The system components, regardless of a specific application, that can be used further and the areas that need improvement will become clear. Finally, we summarize an assessment of the system components.

This analysis will be the basis of a principle recommendation on extension and upgrading options. Defects that can be cured easily will be remedied directly (e.g. wrong display settings). Major deficiencies, such as serious data backup defects or insufficient access protection, will be pointed out by us immediately.

Basic package

Targeted investment decisions in your company require a defined basis. The basic package helps you define this basis. Taking into account the specific business function and the related organizational and communicative environment, we define the requirements of your company and analyze them (to-be concept). We show you recognizable weaknesses and outline possible solutions. You will then know exacttly what your Company Needs.

The basic package includes the definition of the core function, the IT applications (software) used for it, the organizational structures, the communication structures and a final evaluation and report.

All-in package

The introductory and the basic package together form the all-in package. A comparison of the questions “What is the initial situation in my company?” (actual state analysis) and “What does the company need?” (to-be concept) exactly shows possible IT improvements in your company and hence serves as a comprehensive basis for procurement decisions.

Award package

When you have precisely defined the requirements of your company, we will implement them with the award package. This package includes a comparative evaluation of different supplies of diverse providers. We will ensure that the important technical issues will be addressed.

In doing so, the IT experts Streitz are independent of all provider and manufacturer interests. Hence we will exclusively safeguard your interests as Investor.

Quality package

As is a matter of course in plant engineering or in architectural projects, the quality package offers you a qualified project monitoring. We will monitor compliance with schedules and cost plans. Hence, the risk for customer and provider is reduced and the investment is protected.

In order to prevent conflicts, we will elaborate an acceptance procedure with defined and quantified features on the basis of the contractual agreements which cover the components of the contract. We will perform an acceptance on the basis of these acceptance specifications.

Strategy package

The IT experts of STREITZ HOPPEN & PARTNER will support you in taking vital decisions. We offer you a planned development of the IT infrastructure by means of a well-structured analysis of reasonable possible orientations of your company’s information and communication technology.

A prerequisite is the identification of deviations between the existing situation (actual state analysis) and the functional and factual requirements (to-be concept) of the company. They are compared by means of the all-in package. A medium- to long-term orientation of the information and communication technology can now be suggested.

We will discuss the results with your company and present them to you within the framework of a slide show. Finally, we will deliver a report and the slide show to you. Additionally, we will make the results available to you on data carriers.

The detailed planning and implementation of the measures suggested is not included in the strategy package.

Investment advice

On the basis of our specific know-how we offer you for your individual information processing questions and problems independent and competent investment advice that is adapted to the respective situation.

The cooperation of specialists from the respective areas of information processing coupled with longstanding experience produces practice-oriented solutions. Regular exchanges of experience and specialist training seminars ensure that we are able to keep pace with the meteoric development in information technology.

Competent advice

The IT experts of STREITZ HOPPEN & PARTNER will provide you with independent and competent advice. Your medium- and long-term objectives will be taken into account for all conceptual deliberations. Our recommendations for actions can be implemented step by step. They will turn your investments into reasonable and profitable decisions. Our advice focuses on cost, time and quality. Particularly important to us is the transparency of the high consequential costs (usually 3-4 times higher than the initial investment).

Concentrate on your core competence

We will elaborate practice-oriented and customer-specific solutions taking into consideration the technological developments. Your requirements and the integration of your operational procedures are more important than the latest trends. While we are looking for solutions, you may concentrate simply on your core competence responsibilities and hence earn your profits. We are happy that our advice to our customers is therefore also considered a profit.