The SHP workshop is an important format for transferring know-how.

Every year, we invite the elite of German IT lawyers and experts we regularly work with on a mandate basis. The focus of this event is on mutual exchange and high-level discussions on current IT topics. In a pleasant and familiar atmosphere, presentations delivered by our experts tackle questions that have not yet been discussed in this form and have not yet been dealt with in publications.

Every year, we look forward to dwell on aspects at the interface between law, technology, and business administration in open-minded discussions. Next year, we will be dealing with inconsistencies in service specifications. As usual, we will send out personal invitations.

Below you will find an overview of all topics dealt with so far:

2013The first workshop was about IT Claim Management from the perspectives of service content, projects, and software.
2014That year, we looked at the Scrum Process Model, the associated requirements, and at Big Data and Second-Generation Outsourcing.
2015The topics of this workshop were High Level IT Forensics, the quality of data in the context of use and the prohibition of splitting client-server licenses.
2016Software Due Diligence is about product quality (software architecture), software quality, and process quality of software development.
2017This workshop focused on the Assignment of Responsibilities and related Best Practices, which we illustrated based on various project situations.
2018Not only did we give an overview of the Consulting and Information Duties in IT projects, but we also celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the appointment of our partner Dr. Siegfried H. Streitz.
2019We addressed Consulting and Information Duties in the context of Risk Management and Responsibility and the State of the Art Concept. We also tackled surprises in indirect use and measurement in software licensing.
2020In this workshop, we discussed Pitfalls of Structural and Process Organization based on various aspects such as acceptance processes and management systems for information security.
2022We discussed the impact of the new DID and WK guidelines on performance specifications and aspects of the deficiency regime.