The use of information and communication technology (ICT) is crucial to the success of many companies. However, it increases the risk of problems and conflicts arising between the poles of organization, technology and (legal) agreements. The dependence of many companies on ICT limits their scope for solutions and considerably complicates entrepreneurial decisions.

In this situation, we clarify the underlying facts and determine responsibilities for services rendered or still to be rendered. Our involvement ranges from the status assessment of IT projects to strategic ICT decisions. Considering compliance, i.e., the adherence to legal regulations and internal company rules, serves as an important guideline.

Our results focus on determining risks and developing proposals to reduce them (mitigation). We provide our clients with an objective assessment of the situation, which, upon request, may be validated by another publicly appointed and sworn expert from our company as a second opinion.

Our Services

  • Analysis of the structural and process organization regarding suitability and appropriateness
  • Review of the proper process and IT organization including IT compliance
  • Determination and assignment of responsibilities
  • Assessment of risks as a responsible for the company
  • Assessment of IT risks in the early detection system

Large IT projects present a particular risk potential for companies as they are often of strategic importance and require a holistic analysis for problem solution. With our expertise at the interface between law, technology, and business management, we develop pragmatic solutions to problems and reasonable implementation approaches. You can find our underlying service portfolio under IT Projects.

Our Services

  • Determination of the target and actual state
  • Assignment of services to contractual agreements and ordinary/customary use
  • Clarification of the facts
  • Creation of a basis for disputes, settlements and reorganizations
  • Determination of responsibilities
  • Preparation of expert reports

Case study

Determining the Status of implementation of an SAP Application