We will be glad to support you in all issues which might arise within the context of the preparation, execution and acceptance of IT projects. They include a status assessment of the project and the evaluation of difficulties. We are able to act both on the management and operative level. And we will provide you with technical advice in designing the contract.

We advise our customers on commercial aspects such as the valuation or commercial evaluation of systems or system components. As concerns the improvement or extension of the IT infrastructure, we provide independent and competent advice and an investment assessment.

We evaluate software development processes and methods and analyze documentations and technologies. We support you in testing and accepting developments and document and classify software system errors.

We are mainly publicly appointed and sworn-in experts and one of our basic activities is the classical forensic expert function. It includes process support, preservation of evidence and seizure and analysis of data carriers.

We have many years of practical experience – including in the cooperation with the Public Prosecutor’s Offices and commercial private investigation agencies – in detecting IT-supported embezzlement and fraudulent actions.

We analyze software developments and identify the exploitation of copyright-protected services. We compare source codes and use efficent processes to detect violations. What is more, we accompany you through the preparation and execution of searches.

If a project has plunged into a crisis, we participate in conciliation and arbitration proceedings from a technical point of view and help you avoid court proceedings.

We will be happy to support you with our advice and offer you individual service packages in budgetable sizes that suit your needs. We have made up seven different packages. The individual packages are mostly independent from each other and can be utilized separately or one after the other.