The implementation of an SAP application at a large German research company had failed in terms of function and content, timing, and budget. In addition, relationships on a personal level had broken down. The contractual partners agreed that the cooperation should be terminated and that the implementation should be continued by another SAP system partner. Our task was to determine the status and to establish a degree of performance as the basis for a final commercial agreement. At the beginning of the project, we coordinated our intended procedure for determining an overall degree of performance and the weighting factors for the individual subcomponents of the implementation project with both parties and then collected categorizable and formally assessable parameters of the alleged deficits in a transparent form-based procedure. The procedure we developed achieved a consensual assessment by the parties for most of the deficits. Only a small proportion required an independent expert assessment.
The parties mutually accepted the determined degree of performance and were able to part ways without litigation and in a personally pacified and objectified atmosphere. The project was then continued by another system house under the supervision of SAP and successfully completed. The procedure we chose was also well received by SAP.